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the vain bitches

eat my vanity

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Welcome to Vanity Sanity. This community is for the obvious. If you think you've got what it takes, and you KNOW you're sexy, post pictures and let the voting begin...

Follow the rules or you will be banned for being a dumb fuck... This community is based on PHYSICAL appearence and the attitude that goes along with it. (You will not get accepted just because you are nice). By posting your pictures you are asking for people to be honest with you, and thats exactly what we'll do.

** These are the m0ds.(V.I.P)They have permission to stamp you. Don't fuck with them. They can have you banned and tortured (lol)


1) Post more than 3 pictures behind an lj-cut! (You must post more than 2)

2) Do not bash anyone who has already been voted in.

3) State your opinion when you vote. Let the person know why you're denying their sexyness, or agreeing they are hott shit. Say what you will; bitchyness is your friend here (unless the maintainer says otherwise).

4) DO NOT promote unless you are a member!

5) Post Pics as soon as you join. If you don't have pics right away - don't join.(common sense)

6) No commenting unless you are stamped.

7) When you post after you get accepted, please put "stamped" in the subject line..or something like it to show that you aren't new.

8) This is a "Survivor Style" community meaning after 30 members there is a vote off of 5 members. Full rules and instructions will be posted when the time comes. The first 20 people will be accepted automatically but you still need to post pictures and make sure your server is the jam.

9) Be harsh, cunty and however you feel when voting.

* oh and plaease dont expose us to your nakedness.